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New construction tile problems

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some advice in dealing with our builder, Charter Homes & Neighborhoods. As you can see in the photos, the water in the shower runs away from the drain to the bottom right of the photo. The niche also had to be replaced because we had the bull nose tile trimming it out but the original installer made it crooked. They replaced it by putting the bull nose tile on the inside of the niche which created a .5 inch caulking line.

The big bossman at Charter says we aren't happy with anything they do, no matter how they fix it. We agreed to a schluter tile edge for the replacement with the previous project manager but that was never communicated to the new project manager.

Am I wrong in thinking the water shouldn't run away from the drain like it does? (I can provide a link to a video since the pic isn't that clear). Isn't a .5 inch caulk line a little too much? I'm looking for some support so I can plead my case to have the floor and niche wall redone.
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