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thanks for responding. the name is brian btw.... how come you posted the picture on the top right that shows what looks like a solid slab. I want hte solid slab look but with the tile. I was debating whether or not to cut the edge on an angle to easy it or just leave it square and polish it. i was planning on overlapping the tiles by having the counter surface overhang and have the side piece go underneath it approximately 1.75 inches. any reason why you would choose the ditra over a concrete board? ive used the hardibacker on a few floors and a shower and found it to be rather difficult to cut. I know its easy if you have the right tools but i found that use the regular drywall knife took forever. I have to get one of those carbide cutting tools unless you sway me to the ditra.

How thin are you planning to make the thinset? i put up slate in the shower and had to make it fairly peanut butter for it to stick right away to teh wall. the drawback with that is the lack of consistency in how much your putting down since its so thick its hard to work with.

Whats the reason for the lacticrete? does it have superior stain and mold protection? can you get it at the big box stores?

just for kicks, how much is your schluter rondec going to run you?
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