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It is a 1/4" door. Not having a good sense of what actually caused the failure, a 3/8" panel might help, or it might just result in a 50% larger pile of shattered glass all over the floor

I googled "shattered shower door" and got many hits including standard issue local evening "news you can use" type stories about it. It seems quite absurd but apparently it's not uncommon. The two nice US-based Kohler customer service ladies I spoke with seemed like they had experience taking this sort of call.

The bummer is that due to the assembly order, I'll have to remove the remaining door, take off the side frame covers, pull the threshold, and the center guide. Then reassemble it all starting with the new door. It shouldn't take long but will require a bunch of scraping and cleaning of the caulk to get it ready for new beads.
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