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Moisture handling in U.S. vs Canada.......

If anybody else has seen the Holmes on Homes episode called "Pasadena 911" there were a couple cool points they talked about.

This isn't directly tile related but interesting....(at least to me)

One of Holmes helpers (Damon) was baffled that he was asked to put a sill board right onto the concrete foundation. "It's pressure treated and all, but we use a barrier between wood & concrete up in Canada. It's against everything I've been taught, but I'll do it.".

Then, later Holmes himself is amused watching the U.S. contractor putting some plastic down, then sand on top before pouring concrete. He confirms the idea with the U.S. GC and then explains to him how, in Canada, they do a 3/4" crushed stone bed with no plastic beneath, allowing water to drain under so it isn't wicked back up into the concrete. Then he just mentions that it's interesting to see different ways of doing things.

I believe later on in the episode Holmes mentions the sill plate thing again as he's just baffled that PT is going down directly onto concrete which is a big no-no in Canada.

Maybe Canada just doesn't use a visqueen type barrier beneath any concrete substrates???
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