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Some questions-noble shower

I'm doing post hurricane repairs and renovations (still....) and my wife and I decided to remove the fiberglass 80s shower/tubs to do tile showers in two of our bathrooms.

-- With a hex tile in a mosaic format, approx 2" chips, what big box thinset would be good for a shower floor and that tile? I know very little about the specifics and differences of the Mapei and Custom Building Products thinsets.
It's going on top of a Noble ValueSeal membrane. Our joists are 2x10 with 2x8s sistered on the bottom with a 5'2" span. Double 5/8" subfloor currently but I need to take it up to move the drain. Tub to shower reno.

-- The other question currently is for the walls. We are looking at a 12x24 porcelain to also go on the Noble membrane bonded with Noble Bond EXT to Durock. Will that be a different thinset? Something like Versabond LFT I assume?

-- The last question currently is about thinset color(s). The Mini hex mosaic on the floor is matte black and the porcelain wall is a raw cement look. Would it be best to use a white thinset for the wall and a gray for the floor? I have no idea here and reading directions pretty much specifies things like modified or not, trowel dimensions, substrate, etc.

I'd be more than happy to answer any more questions that may come up or take critiques of any selections thus far. I've learned a ton here lurking the past few years but hurricane Laura dumped 20 years worth of projects on me all at once.

Thank you,
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