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Levelling floor from above

I'm looking for some input from the pros...

Background: Older house (built in '72)...previous owner tiled the kitchen floor (tile+1/2"cement backer+leveller) without checking the support it could provide. The joists are 2x8, 16"OC, and run a 13.5' span. I have a 2"+ sag at the middle. I started running a series of beams (2x6's on screw jacks), but the crawl space (approx. 26" total headroom) is just too hard to work in and I now have a revamped A/C system where the duct work makes it almost impossible to work.

So, since we hate the tile they put down and we were planning on renovating the kitchen anyway...I've decided to gut the entire thing. Now my plan is to:

rip up the tile and subfloor

sister the joists level from the top (2x8s on each side of the sagging joists),

add support columns (if needed) for the outer and center beams to handle the added joist weight (200lbs or so to each 8' beam span)

replace the subfloor (having to cut the 4x8 panels to fit the new joists)and

hire out the tile work (i am not a DIY tiler)

Has anyone ever done this or seen it done? Are there any comments or potential problems that I'm overlooking? I don't have a lot of electrical or water lines, etc. that keep me from sistering the joists.

I'm good with the planning, calcs, numbers, etc.....but when it comes to bringing it together "real-world", I always find out I've missed something.

Thanks for the help!
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