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Sorry, another newbie subfloor question

After living on a slab all my life, the cabin we are building has a subfloor and I'm a little concerned about the deflection stuff.

Room in question is 5 x 11, with an alcove tub at the far end. The joists are marked "Silent Floor TJI 210" and are 16" oc running the length of the room. They are supported by a beam partway through, with the longest unsupported span being 7' 6". Subfloor is 23/32" plywood perpendicular to the joists.

Do you think I would be OK with 1/2" CBU on the floor? Or do you recommend additional Ply?

This is a cabin/vacation home and I'll be tiling it myself - after I get the book (of course).

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks, Holly
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