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Exactly, and I told you that typically I do do things myself .. shoulda done this one too, ugh.

The panels are currently just wedged in place in the curb slots, I was going to inject silicone later (now I am really glad that I held off on having them do it, what a mess that would have been).

I agree, I think the fixed panel going to the ceiling will look nice, especially with the extra clear starphire glass I went with... So I think that's what I'll do, it'll certainly make it much stiffer, I just am kickin gmyself for allowing them to talk me out of it.

How did you like their caulking job??? . Do I have to make them remove all the caulk?

LMAO about the flooded backyard, good eye Sam... But that happens to be the Pacific ocean... Not bad having an ocean view from the throne, right?
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