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Hey Dots-Per-Inch Scotty --

Go read poor Kelly's (CX's) last post again. And then go create a signature before he starts chasing you around imitating an owl.

Schluter (the maker of Ditra) does not want you to use modified (fortified) thinset to set your tiles. They really don't. You can cheat a bit and use the lightly-modified VersaBond, as Kelly said, but you don't want any heavily modifed thinset, especially mixes that use a latex admix instead of water. (No FlexBond and no jugs of white liquid!)

If you want to follow the rules (and they're German rules at that) you should go back to Home Despot and get yourself some MasterBlend thinset. It's a good quality unmodified thinset.

Go Rutgers!
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