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Removing white haze from charcoal grout and gray haze from white stones

Hi all, first time poster but long time fan of the forum. A tile company finished my newly built bathroom 6 weeks ago. Nice work, except for two issues:

1) When the pebble stones were grouted with charcoal grout, some of them took on a grey/dirty look that is not easily cleaning off. (All the light colored stones in the picture were originally close to white.) They apparently used a sealer/enhancer spray (attached) on the pebble tile before grouting it. Unfortunately it certainly did not repel the gray color of the grout. I actually think it may have made things worse. The gray haze on some of the white stones is unnaturally clinging to them, and it doesn't disappear when you get it wet like normal grout haze. I'm thinking it actually got soaked up by that layer of sealer, and is now stuck to the stones? Or did it get pulled into the stone itself? (The sliced pebble is unpolished, so I assume that makes it more likely to stain.)

2) The charcoal grout in the shower floor was laid before the rest of the shower was finished, so they ended up getting a white haze over of the charcoal grout (from the white grout and sanded caulk they used elsewhere). As far as I know, the floor grout was not 'sealed'.

I was told both of these discolorations would clean easily and/or wash away over time, but that's proving not to be the case. I plan on going at the floor with a scrub brush, but I'm wondering what product(s) you would recommend for this? Do I need to step up to a strong acidic cleaner for this? Or would that damage the stones?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
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