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Flatness (or lack thereof)

Hi CX,

Yes made sure to gap them 1/8 in the field and 3/16 to 1/4 around the outside (yes it's hard to see it at the angles I took the photos and with them being T&G),

And now onto the original post:
... and now for the next set of questions:

Last night after I did the thought pose and placed a couple of tiles on the plywood to check for colour, I noticed a slight rocking in a couple of spots (mostly along the outside walls where the cabinets will be going.) This resulted in some forum searching today saying that the rule of thumb is that the most I should see in 1' is 1/16" and no more then 1/4" rise/fall over a 10' span.

Took out the laser level and the tape measure and discovered its not as flat as I thought. I've got some spots where it rises 5/64" in 2', but with the middle of the floor being well within spec.

A couple of pics of the spreadsheet showing the difference (I took measurements in a grid every 2'). The red/green pictures, tried to get them to show larger but the forum seems to clip them down in size highlight the areas where there is a change larger then 2/16 in 2' (after normalizing the values). I've attached the spreadsheet so you can take a closer look at the numbers.

Now that I'm here, and the tiles (24*12) have arrived, what it the best/recommened way to acheive "flatness"?
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