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Progress update

Well I can't believe it been nearly a month since I posted, much has happened (but not as quickly as I would have liked, having a job, dog and other commitments have slowed things down) and we're starting to see the finish line.

1) Removed and replaced the questionable looking/cracked portions of the structural plank subfloor. Added addional bracing from below to give a better area to attached for the joints and used PL premium to bond to the bracing and joists.

2) Added just shy of 1000 2" floor screws to the plank subfloor (min of 2 per each attachment point). This elimiated all squeaks that were present and helped stiffen things up considerably.

3) Sanded the high spots/cupped planks to ensure a tight fit once the plywood was down.

4) 5/8 T&G exterior ply over everything, 6" spacing in the field, 4" on the edges (max) avoided the joists with 1.5" screws.

5) Received and read the first half of John's book - highly recommended.

6) The tile arrived yesterday, picked up the ditra and thinset today.
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