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6x6 Travertine Install

I'm thinking of purchasing these tiles (pics 3 and 4) to use as a backsplash to cover a 32 sq ft area (36 sq ft if I decide to tile behind the microwave). Can anyone tell me what kind of travertine they are (honed, tumble, etc). The back of one has velcro on it in case you are wondering. I also have some additional questions below:
1. Should I start at either end of the sink wall or at the mid point of the wall?
2. What size grout line for 6x6 and for 3x6 if I decide to cut the tiles and should the grout be sanded or unsanded? What is a good brand? Is there a particular float size you would recommend?
3. Am I correct that I should caulk where the first row meets the counter top and where the wall corners meet? What type and brand?
4. Should I be concerned about stains (spaghetti sauce, etc) if allowed to sit for a little while up to a couple of hours or will a sealer mitigate a lot of my concern? What type and brand of sealer would you recommend?
5. How should I apply the sealer? Should I do it before or after grouting? And do you have any recommended techniques?
6.. What adhesive (type and brand) would you recommend and what size trowel?

If there are step by step install instructions anywhere on the site, can someone be so kind to provide a link? Can anyone provide a link to any post that describes how to "fold" the corners in case i decide to cut these to 3x6. From several years ago I think I recall someone posted how to do it and I think they talked about one row being 1/4 tile on one wall/3/4 tile on the adjacent wall the other row being 1/2 tile on each wall but I'm not sure.

I'm thinking of doing a focal point above the sink and stove but need to design the stove area in such a way that it looks fine with the existing stove that has a control panel that rises 10.5" above the stove but will also work with a new stove that only rises 3inches above the stove. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do now that will need minimal re-work to make it look good with the new stove I'd appreciate it. By the way, it is 17.5 inches from the bottom of the upper cabinets to the top of the countertop.

Last question, is there anything available online where I can design my layout that you can refer me to?
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