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Liner in, cement board up, top mud pan in. Next step is building curb.

When waterproofing walls with RedGard or similar, are the joints to be covered with mesh tape and thinset first, and then the fiber tape and RedGard? Or can one of the tapes be omitted? And do the floor corners require any different treatment?

On a second topic, I am trying to decide what to do on the outside corner (see attached pic). I don't have a finished design for the rest of the room yet but likely there will be a linen cabinet on the left wall (so doors) with about 6" of wall space left. So wondering whether to wrap tile around the outside corner or transition to drywall (and what that transition should look like). I am also considering continuing the shower tile around the outside corner all the way to the inside corner and just installing towel hooks on the tile. I realize that is kind of a design question but it gets into methods. If an outside corner of tile, I am leaning towards a Schluter profile but open to other suggestions.
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