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Figured I’d put in my .02, maybe Shady at Best will butt in too. Born and Raised in CA. Lived in Sacramento for the three years but had enough with the homeless, thug and liberal population, constant price gouging and tool theft from other trades. Was annoying dealing with mazaratti expectations for run down Mazda budgets, even in the affluent areas. Overall was good to go to the city and see if I could make it there. Happy to be back down in Turlock now, doing work for honest folk. Fornunate to be surrounded by rural communities doing work for farmers and having a conservative environment. Some parts of CA are polluted with libtards, always stay away from Indians and Asians as far as clients go (been burned enough to know better than to take the risk in desperate times), just about everywhere is expensive, cheapest gas is $3.20/gal right now. Whole state was damn near on fire, lost our annual campsite which is nothing compared to what others lost. Lots of people are headed to AZ and TX to escape the prices and ruin those states.
El niño, Chris
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