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Flood test passed!

After re-thinking everything a zillion times, I came to the conclusion that the leak had to be because the plug was failing somewhere in the drainage pipe ó not between the connection of the Schluter adaptor drain and the existing clamping ring drain. So I bought a 2Ē long test ball inflatable plug (Cherne) and inserted it down the pipe past the drain area (that sucker is so long it actually rounded the corner in the horizontal portion of the drainage pipe!). Instructions said to inflate it to 45 PSI, but being slightly paranoid about wearing a hard hat and safety goggles when using this plug, I decided to inflate it to just under 40 PSI.

Test 1: Flood tested just the drain area for 10 hours. No leakage.

Test 2: Flood tested the pan for 24-hours. No leakage. Around 2Ē of water in the pan. FWIW, the inflatable plug PSI pressure dropped from 38.5 to 33 over that time period.

So, although I probably didnít have to smear Kerdi-Fix around the connection area between the Schluter adaptor drain and the existing clamping ring drain, Iím glad I did.

Lesson learned: buy, beg, or steal a long test ball inflatable plug for the flood test! Properly inflated, no water ainít getting past that plug in the pipe! If water level drops, then at least you know the leak isnít due to any plug issues.

Oh, by the way, I discovered that if you inflate the small 2" test plug to 96 PSI (well beyond the 40 PSI limit), you will hear a loud POP that can be heard throughout the house and perhaps next door. Yeah...$25 down the drain (pun not intended).
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