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Chris, like you said, caulk or silicone is what's recommended and what most use. I mud my walls so I use grout in all my joints except where tile meets the bath tub. In a shower, I use grout everywhere and 99% of the time I have no cracking grout anywhere. But, the mud walls play a part in that. You can go ahead and use grout and just rake it out if it ever cracks and add more grout. It might crack out every few years or who knows, it may never crack, no one knows. I will say that if you have any foundation issues, it's especially good to have the silicone for movement. With grout in the corners, the movement is more likely to crack tiles.

I never had a lot of problems with Polyblend but others have. I pretty much have gone to using Prism grout instead. It's made by Customs and seems to get much harder than Polyblend. Also the color is more consistent with Prism.

I don't know of any steps you can take other than to anchor all the blocking well to try to reduce movement.
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