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Change of plane grout advice

Hello, I am in the middle of my first mud bed shower install for my mother, and she would very much prefer grout instead of caulk where the floor meets the walls. I have done several surrounds with grout at vertical corners and had no issues, but I am concerned with the floor seam.
So far I have completed the preslope and am currently insyalling blocking for the shower pan, seat, and grab bar.
My question is, is there any steps I can take at this point to increase my chances of grout survival, I was thinking maybe lath on the concrete board just to the height of the final mudbed, but am open to any other ideas.
I am aware that caulk is the "right" solution for changes of plane, but am going to give grout a go first regardless, just looking to minimize chances of having to dig it all out and replace with caulk.
Also any brand of grout that would be recommended as well as a source for it. I have always just used polyblend in the past, but paroosing this site it seems that is not likely the best solution.
Thanks a ton in advance,

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