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So I installed the Warmwire 240V kit in my Ditra-Heat every 3-posts on center. The tile over it has been installed almost over 45 days and we finally turned it on over the weekend. We cannot get it to go higher than 3-4 degrees above room temp... We turned the thermostat all the way up and it constantly says heating, but will not get above 71 even after running for hours. In full disclosure, we have seen it get up to 73, but that was after back to back showers, my wife running her hair dryer while I showered, and probably was assisted by the whole room warming up. Outside of that, it has not gotten above 71.

I called Warm Your Floors because that is where I purchased it. They said it should've been installed 3 posts, then 2 posts, then 3, then 2. That is the layout they have the most success with, some even install it every 2 posts for "extra heat".

In page 13 of their installation manual it says to install per directions of the DITRA HEAT membrane, which is every three spaces. So how in the heck am I supposed to know to go 3 then 2 then 3 then 2, and wouldn't that go against their instructions and possibly void any warranties?

I have a hard time believing that being 1 post "off" every other room prevents it from warming more than 3-4 degrees above ambient air temp. That is what the sensor is reading anyway, and the floor itself still feels slightly cool to the touch like an un-heated ceramic floor would. I know it isnt a heated floor, and just a warm floor. However after spending $400 I feel I should notice a difference. My wife is really unhappy because she didn't want it in the first place, and I said trust me, you'll see how nice it is once it is installed and working.

Can that be possible? Can missing 1 post every other room render the floor heat useless? The margin cannot be that thin. If i shift it over slightly, you're telling me it will heat to 90degrees, but without that shift it will hardly heat anything.

Yes, I used the loud mouth, and yes I checked resistance before install, during install twice, after install, and after tile install. All fell within range, I can provide them if needed, but they are within the required parameters.

Really not happy. The almost $700 for the Ditra-Heat wire was a no go. I could barely squeeze the $400 warm wire in. I should've just saved my money altogether I guess.

Is there anything I can check/change at this point? in terms of the thermostat/wiring? I really doubt it, but feel like I should ask.
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