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7. Yard bunnies, lawn monsters, and other wurks d'art

What to do with leftover grout and thin set? Well, we’ve got some members here with answers to all that.

Here’s a rather meek and mild Yard Bunny submitted by Your’s truly.

Take a look at this thread here, beginning with post #10

And another one, requiring even more imagination, crafted by one of the Texans seen frequently around here.

More about that one, go to, then on to post # 20.

Now then, here’s the real deal. The finest collection of Yard Art we’ve seen around here thus far, from jeepdarla.

I think she’s a Pro.

Darla's workshop can be found here Don't let the kids see these. They'll have nightmares for sure.

This one here didn't make the final cut for inclusion into John's Tile Your World book so we'll put it here. He claims it's a robin.

I'm thinking it's more of a blooper. How about you?

In another thread on Yard Bunnies, RD Tile submitted this one. He calls it "Randon Pattern".

Looks more like something the neighbor's cat coughed up.

Here's one from DwayneA.

You think that's really a bunny?

We've just have quite a few additions to our collection, from this thread here:

First, a "Cat" from Enginneerly.

Then this powered model from ceramictec.

Cool, eh?

Then TGF posts a pair, Bunny and a Fish;

and Meghan88, who without question has practiced, submits this long eared critter bunny.

If you have examples of how you've spent some of your finest tiling hours, get them posted on the boards. Then give me a heads up so I can get copies in the album here.

Back to more Album pictures

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