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Trowel Size: Hi All, seeking the pros' help on selecting trowel size/configuration for all elements of shower. 12"x24" vertical installation on walls, 4" tall horizontal mosaic detail and back of niche, inside of niche, and 2"x2" floor. I hear use 1/2" square notch (which suggests 1/4" total thinset thickness), but I also hear backbutter (which suggests 1/2" thick thinset). That's a big difference, so should I use a smaller notch when backbuttering? Should I use a smaller notch for the inside of the niche? From other posts, I am thinking about 3/8" notch on floor. Also, Eurotrowels are a thing, but I hear the pros sticking with square notch. I am taking the extra step of mitering the corners, so this info will help determine miter cuts. Thanks for all replies.... Dave
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