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Ardex's liquid backerboard is one of few that can be feather edged over a wooden subfloor...most require some minimum thickness, often 1/2" above the highest point and metal lath over their proprietary primer. SLC does not really self-level, either...just like a pancake doesn't spread to fill the make say a crepe, you have to spread it out manually, you can't just pour it. SLC is the same way. While you can have success using it, if you don't follow all of the rules, it can be a very expensive mess. The side kick to this is SLC starts to set fairly quickly, in some cases as little as 10-minutes after you add the water, in the longest, about 30-minutes. If you're not done by the time that starts, it's sort of like trying to get a partially frozen puddle to lay flat after you walk on it. IOW, you have to have a very focused plan and execute it very quickly.
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