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Thanks for the detailed and quick replies!

I'm on the condo board, so that's not an issue, before there was just 12x12 ceramic tile mastic-glued onto the 15/32" CD plywood, with a layer of sticky vinyl on top of that with assorted small insects stuck in between.

I looked at a few of slate-lookalikes, nothing quite looked right next to the real thing!

1/4 CBU it is!

Used Loctite 3x PL and the CD at the recommendation of a contractor friend.

Is it really worth ripping up 2 sheets of ply to replace CD (there was no X, just looked at the stamp) with BC or AC? It involves removing 300 screws, forcing and scraping off the glue, buying 2 more sheets of ply, ripping it, then putting in another 300 screws. The wife says no way we are doing that, am I totally screwed? (pun intended)
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