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I am pursuing a new approach. I identified a supplier in the Dallas area (Sheffield Metals) that has the materials I want. I will ask them for local installers that use their products. Maybe that way I could get an installer who's familiar with what I want. I've been watching their youtube channel, and they've put some amazingly useful information out. I feel drawn to their business model of information and product presentation.

And yes, CX, knowledge is a curse. Got my first bid. Price was as expected (close to $30k). That really isn't the problem. However, the actual bid was five lines and the price. No mention of the base material (Galvalume) nor even the permit responsibility. They mentioned "synthetic roofing felt" as underlayment which had me confused (either it's synthetic or it's felt, right? It can't be both, or can it?) I had asked for PVDF coating but got a quote for SMP which I told them I didn't want. No itemization of labor vs. material nor the size of the roof to be covered. Zilch. Maybe that's a common thing for roofing proposals? I don't want to go with a company that doesn't put a modicum of effort into its proposals. Not for that kind of money.

In terms of underlayment, it seems to me I should get something whose warranty matches the longevity of the roof proper? Or would you say that the old-fashioned roofing felt is sufficient? It's cheaper but heavier. It seems that Sharkskin products are mentioned in some quality installs I have encountered in my research. Their advanced product carries a 50 year warranty. Plus, they offer a compatible peel and stick membrane for sensitive areas.
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