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Probably needless to say, even if the length of the apron sits flush on the plywood floor it won't be water proof on its own. At a minimum that joint would still need a sealant applied, but that would only prevent water from getting under the apron, and does nothing to protect the plywood.

I've not seen the Schluter video you're referencing, Alex, but my guess is it shows the Kerdi band being installed on top of the Ditra, with the edge of the band butted against the apron, then the band is sealed to the apron with Kerdi Fix. Which would be fine, if everything is flat and level.

In your case, given the 3/4" gap at one end, after the 1/2" ply and Ditra is installed you're still going to have about a 1/8" gap, maybe a bit less with the Kerdi on top. You might be able to seal the remaining gap with KF, but you can definitely seal it by lapping the band onto the apron.

The challenge you'll face is keeping the band to only 1/4" high on the apron so that your floor tile hides it. You'd also want to tape the apron to prevent the KF from ending up places you don't want it to.
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