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Ansel Adams has a photo of a graveyard with the sun going down, that i can stare at for hours,and i read that he was driving down a road..saw the graveyard...and told his son..stop the car we gotta hurry..and ran up the hill, and as soon as he got set up, snapped the pic, and two seconds later the sun dropped and the shot would have been lost. He spent days in the darkroom getting it right..and it's magnificent...........BUT MY WIFE AIN"T ANSEL ADAMS,and there's no good reason for her to have gotten that picture! But i'm not bitter!Where i grew up in Illinois,on a farm, there's a graveyard down the road where some graves are from the 1800s, and many graves have picures of the deceased from the 20s,and 30s,they're fascinating,i would love to have the ability to turn them into a haunting montague, of some sort.Kind of rambled there didn't i? Now that i got the digi, i'm going to take some pics is a passion,but the digi has eclipsed me,and i'll have to catch up.
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