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Well, I thought I was getting dangerously closer to covering the walls.

Got all the electrical roughed in. 3 separate circuits: one 15A for all the lighting (4 sconces, 5 - 4" cans in the main space, 3 - 4" cans for the shower, one night light for the toilet area, all on separate switches/dimmers), one 20A for the receptacles, and one 20A for the floor. Yeah, that oughtta do it.

Oh, right - the floor. I'm guessing the inspector is going to want to see that wired up before the walls go up. Now I have to shift gears from hanging the walls to laying plywood, covering it with Ditra Heat or Laticrete's competing product, run the wiring, and then call in the inspection.

Speaking of Laticrete's competing product, STRATA_HEAT, does anyone have an experience with it? Any pros/cons over Ditra Heat?
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