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LOL! I know what you mean. It would be nice, wouldn't it, for guys like us that do this only occasionally?

I'd say it boils down to the fact that there just isn't a one size fits all solution here. Every pro (probably the majority of the market) will have a slightly different preference for how thick or thin they want the thinset to be, and the thickness desired also varies from application to application, like with your (and my) Kerdi band application. That needs to be a fair amount thinner than what you want for wall tile. The pros don't need charts, they've done it a thousand times so they know when it's right just by look and feel.

CX had a line some time back that I loved that went along the lines of "Expertise comes with experience, experience comes from getting it wrong a lot." That ABSOLUTELY applies to mixing thinset.

I'll add on to what I said earlier about my process. When I start mixing and I think it's starting to get in the ballpark, I just lift the mixing head up a few inches. Is the thinset flowing off the blade? Probably too thin then. Is it holding on the blade like a rock and not moving a millimeter? Probably too thick. I'm usually looking for just a tad (or two) thinner than peanut butter. For Kerdi band, a good bit thinner than that.
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