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Happy Friday thinset gurus. Half a question and half a vent session.

Why is it that thinset manufacturers can cover their bags with all types of pictures and labels and logos and warnings in three different languages but they can’t provide a simple parts by volume table for making smaller batches than a full bag? Is it just a liability thing? So they can cop out of taking responsibility when their product fails with a defense that the user didn’t make a ridiculously huge batch of thinset thus did not follow their instructions?

Would it not be simple to provide a parts by volume table of how many ounces/liters/cups/thimbles/gallons/centilitres/whatever of mortar need to be mixed with however many ounces/liters/cups/thimbles/gallons/centilitres/whatever of water? For somebody who does not work in this industry it is downright bizarre! Nobody would ever give you a pancake recipe that called for 50 pounds of flour.
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