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Not a pro, so take these words with a grain of salt!

Jonathan, the pros will confirm but I suspect adding water after the slaking period was part of your problem. I’m using custom blend versa bond on my shower and those instructions say to mix it for five minutes, let it slake for 5 to 10 then mix it briefly once more. And not to add water after the first mix.

I do small projects so I never mix a full bag so I can’t use the full amount of water that they recommend for an entire bag. What I do is pour an inch or so of water into a 5 gallon bucket, add about a quarter of the bag, then mix it. Within the first 30 seconds it’s usually easy to tell it’s too thin by far (which is what I’m shooting for) so I’ll continue adding more bit by bit until I retrieve the consistency I’m looking for. I try very hard not to overshoot with the powder and get it too thick, but if I do then I add a little bit more water, just a bit at a time, until I get back to the consistency I’m looking for.

For me in my projects the key to mixing the thinset has been to start at a slurry level and get thicker, as opposed to being too thick and getting thinner. Much easier to start mixing very liquid and add powder and achieve the right level then it is the other direction, I think anyway.

As mentioned before this is a chemical process and chemistry can be unforgiving! LOL! But following this process I have found my pot life to be an easy 60 to 90 minutes. Good luck on your next go around! You’ll get it!
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