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Good day and Happy (American!) Thanksgiving,

I emailed Schluter last night after talking to you guys and received the following response this morning

“Unless you are are to remove the thinset completely off of the Kerdi Board, we would recommend to replace to cut out and replace the affected area only.
Also please take note that the Kerdi Band will not adhere to the lip ( flange ) of a bathtub with thinset mortar. You will need to use the Kerdi Fix for that area. “

My process for mixing my mortar was to fill a bucket with 6 litres of tap water, dumped in the bag of thinset while mixing (which is hard to, mixed with a drill and mixing attachment for I think the bag said 5 minutes, waited the slake time (I don’t remember what the bag said...threw it out this morning) mixed it some more for the suggested one or two minutes. I added some more water as it looked a bit thicker than the Schluter video on YouTube, mixed a bit more and then got to work.

I was honestly mostly focussed on getting it to a “fairly fluid consistency, but still able to hold a notch” as Schluter tells you over and over and over again!
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