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What Sealer??Tested Prism and Ultracolor, used Prism

These grouts are similar, went with Graystone Prism which didn't scratch but maybe micro-polished the surface a little duller? It's workability is like a traditional cement grout, but didn't seem to finish that smooth considering small aggregate size- or maybe I overworked it? The tile supplier wants it sealed- they said the coating on the marble tiles is 3 coats of sealer over the design. They suggested something like Sealer Choice Gold, Bulletproof , 511 and a few others. For Prism Custom states: "use a ph neutral water base sealer such as Sealer's Choice Gold or TileLab SurfaceGuard". Wondering what sealer would adhere to the cured sealer on the tile face the best- don't want peeling ?
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