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Thank you everyone, for the taking the time to weigh in. I should have also importantly asked - what are the chances the perceived vibration would increase the chance of the marble cracking? That was actually a bigger concern to me than something like wine glasses being able to rattle.

Regarding the beam and adding the center column - I don't mind having the column in that space, but having to cut the slab, then have a building inspector come to inspect the footing after digging, and then pouring the footing is kind of a pain that would be nice to avoid. I had thought about the possibility of a steel I-beam without the center column, but I think the cost and weight for 26ft would be prohibitive.

Boise does give details for nailing OSB or ply against the webbing to act as web stiffeners. They only mention nailing with 8d nails though - I would think I'd also want construction adhesive against the webbing, no?
And likewise wouldn't the strapping be more effective if screwed 'and' glued against the bottom flanges? Perhaps the web stiffening combined with 1x4 strapping would get me there.

I'll definitely contact Boise after Thanksgiving, and will report back with what they say after I pick their brains.
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