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Hi, Joe.

We generally like to keep projects together because the info from one part of the project is typically related to another. As a long time remodeler, I can make predictions of concealed portions of one part of the house based off of what I can see both at the place in question and the surrounding areas. Keeping threads together makes it a little more like we are walking through the house and can often tell you things you need to know, but didn't ask. Splitting stuff up shields the person helping you from info that might give you very customized advice. Thanks for thinking about future people looking into this subject and learning. But you’re more important to your own project right now than some unknown person in the future.

As far as the slate: it sure sounds like someone’s idea of a good repair for some reason that was important to them at the time. The most ideal floor would be a proper subfloor, tiling substrate, and tile with a hole through them all and a toilet flange supported atop the tile. But remodeling often forces folks to have to compromise something away from such an ideal scenario. A couple pictures would be welcome (from both above and below the floor).

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