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I think a banding, like Kerdi band, is theoretically the best way to handle the tub flange. However, in addition to what Dan mentioned above, I've found the corners to be annoying with banding material. The tub flange is typically inset and you have to cut the inside corners to get them to conform properly.

What I usually do is just use alkaline resistant mesh tape and apply sealant over it. I use either Wedi board or GoBoard for backer board so the sealant that I am using is for whichever product that I am installing. You wouldn't want to use silicone, for example, in this application and smear it on the surface as that would create a bond breaker.

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For the sides, it's best, from a water management perspective, to have a tile "leg" go down the side of the tub. Just like the photo in the post above. It's also best to have tile backer board behind that leg.

If that's what you have then you simply need to seal the gap between backer board and the tub.

Sometimes, I've run into a situation where drywall will be up against the tub. In this situation, I've addressed it as shown in these photos.

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edit: I consider 1 out 3 upright photos a good post!
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