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Welcome back, Bill,

Since you're going to terminate the Hardie just above the tub flange you don't have a lot of options. You might consider using a band of water proof membrane, like Kerdi, to cover that gap. Install it on your Hardie with a somewhat lose mix of thinset mortar,, keeping the edge of the band in contact with the tub deck, then use Kerdi Fix to seal the band to the deck.

The down side of the Kerdi is that you'd then a little bit of a bump down there, If you're using large format tile, necessitating a larger notched trowel, you can likely compensate for the bump by adjusting the amount of mortar. Smaller format tile, using a smaller notched trowel, will be more of a challenge.

Moreover, given the lack of a flange at the front of the tub, the "legs", you'd really want to cut your Hardie as precisely as possible so that it follows the radius of the front of the tub, where the deck rounds over to the front, in order to keep that gap to 1/16th to 1/8th so that it can be effectively caulked with silicone. Or here again you could use Kerdi, cutting it carefully so it conforms to that radius.

When planning your tile layout don't forget about that front radius. Ideally you want to cut your tile to conform to as this fellow did with his in the photo below.
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