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Well, now that I've gone down the deflection rabbit hole, it seems we're coming up a bit shy in that department. We've got 2x10s 16" O.C. running 13' 4“ east-west in the drawing, if the blueprints that came with the house are to be believed. The bathroom span is a bit over 10' of that with the guest bath on the other side of the wall (east side in the included drawing). Below is our living room, so no chance of adding support down there.

I'd already planned to rip everything down to the subfloor and could certainly go further if there is a chance of adding enough stiffness to make the slate a possibility (vis sistering the existing joists or some other method).

If we have to do for a ceramic look-a-like, that's what we'll do but now that we've got the natural stone stuck in our heads...

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