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Welcome, David.

First detail I see missing is the layout your said was attached. That would be helpful.

The requirement in the building/plumbing code is for the shower drain to be a minimum of 2" below the top of the curb. But if there is no curb, there is no such requirement. The thinking on that, if any, has been researched by members of the national ceramic tile community's technical committee members and the building code and plumbing code committees have verified that's what is meant. Essentially, if there is no curb, there is no drain height requirement. If that makes no sense at all to you, join the crowd.

There remains, of course, the requirement for the shower floor to be sloped at a minimum of 1/4" per foot to the drain. You could get nearly an inch of drop, theoretically, in a 48" shower with the linear drain at one edge, but doing that in an existing wood framed floor without raising the bathroom floor would be a bit problematic.

You have evaluated your joist structure to determine what you'll need to do for it to qualify for a natural stone installation? And you recognize that you'll need to have a double layer plywood subfloor in the bathroom to allow your natural stone installation?

Let's stop there 'till we see your drawings.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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