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Bathroom Remodel Sanity Check

Hello all,

I've been doing A LOT of reading in recent weeks and I figure it's time to post my first question.

I'll be embarking on a bathroom remodel sometime next spring, but have been planning and purchasing materials as sales come up in preparation. Attached is the layout of the current bathroom for context. Assuming up is north, there are exterior 2x4 (I know, 1970's construction) walls on the north and west sides of the room.

The current setup is ceramic tile on the floor and the shower surround. The current shower pan is prefab fiberglass (center drain) and the shower door is a typical cheap hinged door.

Here's our rough idea of a plan for the changes:
  1. Remove current/dated ceramic on the floors and replace with LF (12x24) slate tile with in-floor heating. Tentative plan for the layout is running the tile longways north-south with a 30% overlap.
  2. Remove west wall of the shower and expand shower space to exterior wall to provide more spacious shower area. This closet space goes unused due to its strange size/location.
  3. Remove current/dated ceramic on the shower walls and replace with new marble/marble-like porcelain.
  4. Install tall (I'm 6'2" and tired of banging my head because I didn't duck down enough getting in/out) bypass glass slider for shower entry
  5. Remove fiberglass shower pan and run slate floor tile into shower area (no curb) to a linear drain.

That last bullet point is where I'm the most unsure. From my reading, the accepted depth from drain to curb/threshold is 2". We had hoped to use a centered linear drain running north-south.

Given that this will be a DIY project (I consider myself fairly advanced in the DIY space. Not a pro by any stretch, but this isn't my first rodeo), I was leaning toward something like a Kerdi Shower LT base for the shower base. I'd drop the subfloor to be level with the joists (per the instructions provided by Schluter). This would only yield about 1" rise to the bathroom floor, which would be waterproofed using Ditra or similar.

Now, I can probably count on 1 hand the number of times in 10 years that we've had over a 1/4" of standing water in the shower and never over 1/2", but that's I know that's not a guarantee of the future.

To get curbless + 2" we'd need to install the drain along the west wall, but something inside me just says that would feel weird since the shower is on the south wall.

I guess what I'm looking for is some insight into how crazy this idea really is... Is it unreasonable to think we can do a centered linear drain in a 48"x48" space with no curb? Is a linear drain on the side of a shower as weird as I think it would be?

I'm sure I've left out some critical details, but hopefully that's enough to get the conversation going...
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