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I am all excited. My install will begin in two weeks. Kynar finish galvalum. All as desired. Out of numerous companies, they were the ONLY one that followed through. Not that I have much of a choice.

I was provided the name of my specific installer today. I usually just briefly check public court records of people who work on my house. I wished I hadn't....
The installer has numerous alcohol-related offenses on his record. Multiple DUIs, driving with license suspended, open alcohol container, possession of marijuana etc. It's a long list. However, for the past ten years there has been nothing on his record. So, either he's drinking without causing trouble or he's detoxed for good. I don't know.

I have trust in the company and the person I've been dealing with so far. They've been reliably communicating everything, brought me samples, gave me addresses to look at their previous work. There are no negative reviews about them floating online. I think from my research that they are a reputable company.

What do you guys recommend? I think I should have at least an open conversation about this with the company's owner who's been very accessible so far. I don't want to discriminate against someone who's had trouble in the past and who is now doing ok. At the same time, I really have a concern after looking at the installer's criminal record. Alcoholism is a terrible condition, so if this man overcame it, then this is an accomplishment. However, if not, I don't want to suffer the consequences which possibly include sloppy work.
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