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Thanks Dave. You and RichVT are both correct, the sheen will tone down. Here is what I did to fix this. I cut out all the caulk that went around the floor to wall transition. I spent 5 hours scraping this stuff out, so I will be the first to tell you, if you prepare the surface, and wipe with denatured alcohol then wait 5 mins for it to evaporate, then caulk, this stuff grips amazing well. Almost too good. It's no fun task removing it. Anyways, I wanted to make sure what I put back down, would hold, so I removed all that caulk. Basically by laying my hip on the curb, face to floor, and feet sticking up in air. Ohh my, what a task....

Anyways, fast forward, after getting that out, I started looking at Cor we in the wall, and said screw it, I will leave it. There was what appeared to be a slight discolored smear, along the edges of caulk, so I took razor blade and worked at it, but my tile is matte, so it couldn't get it all, probably why it was there to start with, since squeegee cannot get into those micro pita of the matte tile. I said, well let's try the magic eraser, since it appears to work for everything else. And low and behold, the magic eraser work, but it did more than I was expecting. It actually lifted the sheen the good caulk line as well. I was dumbfounded, and continued to rub with medium pressure, like enough to cause some heat friction, but not enough pressure to peel and roll the caulk out, and sure as the sun came up this morning, all the gloss/sheen disappeared. Maybe what I did is excellerate the "wear time". I don't really know, nor do I really care, the point is, that it now looks exactly like what I wanted and am thrilled. I get wife to come look, and she is like, heck yes, that's awesome. So what are you going to do with the bottom? Ugh
.. I forgot I spent my Saturday cutting out the caulk because it was to glossy, only to find out that a magic eraser is the answers to my prayers. I have to laugh to not get mad that I have cut this stuff out so many times, but whatever. I went ahead and reapplied the rest of the caulk, the color sil, back into the bottom wall transition. Wow, what a chore, but done at last. Only have to apply the sealer, and we in business. Happy wife, happy life.

In saying this, the color sil caulk is good stuff, let me be the first to tell you, it adheres like super glue, is extremely tough, and has great enlongation. I am happy I went with the color sil, because I ended up getting the finish I wanted. However, I really hope 2 things can be learned from this ordeal.

1. Color rite warns customers, that it is glossy looking, until it wears, and a magic eraser scrubbing approx 72hrs after application will get rid of the majority of sheen. I hope they can address this to customers, especially new customers, who know little to nothing about caulk, and what they are really doing. I expected Colorrite to be the authority on this stuff, considering they have 35 years of experience. Maybe they don't deal with a lot of new customers, and their regulars know the deal as Dave and Rich do.

2. For anybody on the John bridges forum, if you have to much sheen, then try magic erasing it. But let it sit a few days,to fully cure, so you don't mess up the caulk line you intend to leave.

Another thing is, when you do the floor to wall line, especially if your stone floor goes under first row or tile, well if you use river rock type floor, there is a lot of gaps and indentions where the grout is. You cannot squeegee this, and expect it to all come off. It then darkens the grout, and looks like a bad lipstick job with a darker ring around the whole floor. I had to get razor blades and scrape the grout, all the way around to get top layer off and to bring back the original color. How I fixed this, is the next time I did it, I out blue tape all the way around, ending directly where the would hit the floor if it was longer. Press the blue tape really good into grooves, then caulk, clean with 90° squeegee, I have these little blue silicon prices with different angles. Either way, one you have laid caulk, the squeegee it, immediately remove blue tape. Then it looks great.

Overall, the product is fine, but it has to weather, or use a magic eraser on it, to remove the sheets that you will get initially. Tape the floor so your transition between floor and wall, look professional.

Thanks everyone for the advice. I really appreciate it, and the wife loves it!!!!

Mods, if there is a way to delete thread, that's fine, or if you want to leave it as a lesson learned, and tips for future users, that's great also. Maybe we could change thread so it doesn't look so harse on Colorrite. I was wrong about their product, it turned out great, but there was still some frustration in the lack of assistance from them when I made a complaint.

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