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Originally Posted by Email from Ms. Colbert
Good afternoon Kelly!

Thank you for your concern. You are absolutely correct in that the John bridge Forums have brought a lot of business our way and we will forever be grateful for that. I personally am not set up to reply on the forum. Feel free to share the below response to the thread - as I am sure many are waiting to hear from us.

Color Rite, Inc. would like to publicly say that while we were not able to refund this customer for product he has installed; we did offer to cover all shipping costs should he choose to order the custom silicone he is wanting. Our Order Department has a great system that allows our customers to see exactly what they ordered and what they will be receiving - prior to the order shipping. We encourage everyone to utilize this to ask any questions you may have and to correct or make necessary changes. The request would have been a custom mixed formula and several additional factors would have been involved. None of which were ever discussed and absolutely would have been - being as the requested product would not be available on the shelf. There are many accusations in this thread including that I personally called this gentleman a liar. I assure you that this was never the case. I did mention that the silicone bead in the picture we were provided (only one picture - not the many you see here) was too large and that would amplify the sheen - as there is a larger amount of silicone. This was not said to insult him in any way. I offer an apology to Paul if my words were received in that manner. We do our best to provide excellent customer service and succeed in most cases. As humans ourselves, we understand that we cannot please everyone - all the time. If anyone has any further questions feel free to email me directly at JANUARY@COLORRITEINC.COM. We are very appreciative of the support given by the John Bridge Forum and it's contributors. Thank you

Best regards,
January Colbert
I've encouraged Ms. Colbert to become a member and perhaps participate in this, and perhaps other discussions. I hope that will happen.

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