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First thing you wanna do is verify that you do not have a post-tensioned slab. You can still move the drain if you do have such a slab, but it requires a little more care in the demolition work.

For jobs that size you can get by just fine with a cheap 7 1/4" diamond blade for your circular saw and a rotary hammer with a chisel bit and maybe a 3/4" drill bit.

I like to score the area to be removed and that's where your saw comes into play. Dusty as hell, that, so you'll wanna be prepared for dust containment in the work area as well as having the appropriate personal protection equipment - eye protection, dust mask, gloves, etc.

I generally then use my rotary hammer to drill holes at least in all the corners of the concrete to be removed, but you can do without that if necessary. I'll also commonly drill more holes along the cut lines on accounta it makes it easier to chip out the concrete. Then you use the hammer function with the chisel bit to chip out the concrete. Doesn't need to be a pretty cut. In fact, come time to patch the holes it's actually better to have very rough edges.

May sound complicated, but it's really not. Mostly just a little brute force work.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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