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Most of what I do is 24 inch and smaller. So I recently bought the Monti 63p (or something like that) and it cuts 24's. I have a big Rubi cutter that cuts 36's but it's enormous and takes up too much space for everyday jobs (and in my van).

I keep the Montolit in my van everyday and it works great for 12x24 and 3x6's and everything else. I have the mosaic pad for it also.

A friend of mine got the same Monti but in a 28 inch. I can't think of hardly any projects where I would be cutting tile more than 24 but less than 28. So in my opinion, it's unnecessarily bigger than it needs to be.

If you're doing a lot of planks then maybe a 36-48 inch cutter is necessary. But for everyday bathrooms the 24 is the way to go I think.

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