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What size is the shower, Pancho? If you use a rain head, will it be centered?

I don't have a photo of my glass panel on this computer. It's fairly large though, and I did use a single bracket on the floor (as well as horizontal brackets on the wall and end of the knee wall). I didn't set it in a channel out of fear that eventually water will get into the channel and mold will start and there'd be no way to clean it out, but maybe I was over-thinking it.

For comparison, my shower is 83" long and 42", I think, wide between the glass panel and the long back wall. No door, and the entry is about 26" wide, making the glass panel a bit less than 5' at its longest. The main shower head is on the short wall opposite the entry. I get water spray/splash on the bottom of the glass as high as maybe two feet, but literally none out of the entry.
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