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I've started laying out and cutting tile. Got a Rubi DT-180 7" Evolution saw with factory blade that I'm struggling getting clean cuts without chipping (porcelain). So far I have only cut tiles that will be on the edges/covered up. Any thoughts/techniques I should know to get less chips? (I've sharpened multiple times with the dressing stone...)

What margin should I keep on horizontal and vertical planes around the floor to wall transitions? I've read 1/8" and 1"4", which is kind of a big difference.

Trowel size: The flooring will be roughly 3" x 5" smushed hexagon (pic below). What size trowel would I use for this? (I would like to avoid purchasing a bunch of sizes if I can).

Any special considerations/tips to manage the matting that is keeping the mosaics together?

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