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Basement Tile Install - Stains? Scratches?

Just had my basement floor tiled after a flood (owned the home for 8 months). First time home owner/complete novice. I think I'm generally happy with the overall work ethic and result. Lippage is minimum, grouting could use some work but my main concern is they literally just finished today and its seems like the tiles are stained or scratched? Is there something that could be done for this? Tile is from Lowe's della torre woods french gray collection.

Servicemaster was/is the contractor. Decided to come out of pocket and tile basement instead of putting carpet back. Wasnt too thrilled with the initial estimate of 4k for around 600sq ft of tile (Central NJ area).

Is this a tile defect and not something the contractor is responsible for? Only certain sections have the stains/marks.

If this is on the contractor how do I go about getting this issue addressed? I have around 60sq ft of tile remaining that was not used.

Thank you

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