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So I'm pretty much all but decided on going with the kerdi option instead of the conventional method after having read several forums, and a couple of John's articles. So I have some new questions:

(1) I'm still planning on just building the pan with deck mud, since the prefabricated tray won't fit right in my shower enclosure. The drain isn't quite in the right spot, and the enclosure isn't square. At one end it's 36.5 inches from wall to end of bathroom floor tile, and at the other end it's 37 inches. If I build the pan myself with deck mud, this doesn't seem to me like it'd be a major issue, at least as far as being noticeable to the naked eye once everything is tiled and finished? I was just going to use the kerdi drain adaptor kit to attach to my clamping ring drain, then lay the deck mud pan, and use kerdi membrane to waterproof everything.

(2) If I'm going this route, what do I do for the curb? I thought I had read somewhere that John isn't a fan of kerdi prefab curb as it's a little high (6 inches I think?). Do I still just build it by stacking 3 2x4s on top of each other then metal lath, and then duck mud to shape it, then kerdi membrane over it?

(3) If I use the kerdi drain, I'll have some flexibility of height that I don't now have since the clamping ring drain is flush with the slab. So once I install the kerdi drain, my pan should be how thick at the drain? And then I'm planning to just run a level perimeter at 1 inch higher than the drain all the way around, since the farthest wall from the drain is about 4 feet away. I recognize this will be a steeper grade along some of the edges closer to the drain, and the foot or so between the back wall and drain, but since no one will really be standing there, it doesn't seem like a major concern.

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