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Thanks, that's very helpful.

(1) that all makes sense. I'm planning on using a marble hex on the shower floor, they are 1 inch hexagons, on a mesh backing, 12x12 total. And then I'll use a 10x14 porcelain on the walls. So what are my options for a surface applied membrane?

I suppose I'm open to using Kerdi though I was hoping to avoid the extra $500 for the kit. But even if wanted to use it, my shower enclosure doesn't fit quite right with the dimensions for a 3x5 with an offset drain. I didn't think I could cut it to fit, am I wrong?

What other options are there for a surface applied membrane? I guess I wasn't aware of other systems besides a kerdi, and how to use them properly.

(2) I'm on a concrete slab.

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