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Forgive me for being a noob, but I think I need some clarification:

(1) what is a surface applied membrane? I guess I'm confused about how to shower pan construction is supposed to work. I assumed the PVC liner was essentially your waterproofing on the floor. So after I lay the tile and seal everything, ideally all water runs on top of floor to the drain. But any that does get through to the top mortar layer would either just dry out, or get caught by the PVC liner and run to the weep holes. So what purpose would additional waterproofing tied into the drain serve, since the PVC liner is already a layer of waterproofing tied into the drain?

(2) So does the preslope need to be that 1-1/4" thick you talked about, or is that just the top layer/setting bed? Is the unbounded layer the same thing as the setting bed? I understand the setting bed should be a level thickness as it just follows the slope of the layer underneath.

Thanks for your help, sorry for my inexperience.

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